IGSQ™ Guidelines

No discrimination

Racism, sexism or hate speech is not accepted in our community, under any circumstances, and you will get banned if you are found to really break this rule.

English only

Please use English only. Exceptions are foreign names for people, food, music, etc and if you need help translating something. Also, in VC, you can speak another language if everyone agrees!

No spamming

Please do not repeatedly type the same message, flood text channels, unnecessarily split up your sentence into multiple messages, or abuse IGSQbot™ or any other bots.

Keep on-topic

Please keep on-topic when typing in a text channel, and try not to post stuff in the wrong channel. So for example, keep NSFW stuff in the #NSFW channel.

Don't beg

Please don't repeatedly ask for things like a higher role, in-game items, or help if you have already been told no.

No harassment/toxicity

That means you shouldn't spam ping roles orpeople, bully people, be toxic, and you should resolve your heated arguments in private when possible.

Ask before advertising

Please ask the IGSQ™ staff or council whether you are allowed to advertise or promote your Twitch, YouTube, business, etc.

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