An exclusive Discord bot for The Intergalactic Squirrels™

Available features

Game statistics*

Retrieve stats for R6: Siege, Rocket League and Call of Duty with one simple command! *(W.I.P)

Fun commands

There's lots of fun commands, such as 8ball, memes, roasting, mocking & much more.


Get user information, links, invites, statistics for the server & more!


Create a poll, submit a suggestion, check the status of the Minecraft server, make a choice & more!

Planned features

Music playback

A fully fledged music playback system will come to IGSQbot™ in a future update.

XP system

A proprietary XP / level system is in the works for IGSQbot™!


If you have a suggestion for IGSQbot™, please leave it in the Discord server. All suggestions are considered.


” The ultimate goal of IGSQbot™ is to become the only bot that a community could need. It will become a fully fledged multi-purpose bot. It uses open-source packages such as discord.py to have the bot function in the Discord server. While I have a few features planned myself before the v1.0 launch, members of the community should share their ideas, because I’m always open to hear them! I’m trying to adapt the bot to suit the community’s needs and wishes. ” – Pim#9704, founder of IGSQ™ and developer of IGSQbot™

IGSQbot™ v1.0 is launching July 5th 2020

IGSQbot™ was created on July 5th 2019. The release of version 1.0 is planned on the first anniversary of the bot, July 5th 2020!

"Can I add IGSQbot™ to my own server?"

“Currently, no. The bot is completely proprietary and is exclusive to The Intergalactic Squirrels™ community. However, it has been brought to my attention by several people that it might be worth it to allow others to use the bot as well. I am currently considering whether I will or not.

It is quiet a big undertaking to completely rewrite the bot to be usable on multiple servers, but it’s certainly not impossible. It definitely will not happen before v1.0. After that though, we’ll see. If I decide to publicize the bot, it will be announced!” – Pim

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