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The Intergalactic Squirrels™

Global PC Gaming Community since 2018. Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege and so much more!

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Awesome people joined IGSQ™ so far​!

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Friendly People

The members of IGSQ™ are some of the most supportive, welcoming and funny people around on the internet! Join the Discord and see for yourself!

Community Events

We host community exclusive game tournaments and events that you can participate in for fun, occasionally with prizes and rewards.

Active Voice Chat

Our members are very active in voice chat, both during the most intense competitive matches and while having a casual conversation.


We have our own exclusive multi-purpose bot on the Discord server, that can do anything we need it to do! (The bot is a work in progress)

Multiple Games

Our members play mainly Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege and Unturned. As the community expands, so will our list of games!

Here's what our members have to say.

"It's the right group for people who want to have fun and make friends to go."
Member since 10/2019
"Really epic gamer community, with really nice people."
Member since 05/2019
"Yeah this server is pretty sick, the community is awesome and really helpful."
Member since 01/2019
"What started off as a Rocket League server has blossomed into an amazing and loyal online community."
Co-founder of IGSQ™
"It's very chill; everyone has their own personality and isn't being fake, all about being yourself."
Admin, Member since 01/2019

IGSQ™ has members from over 50 countries.

10/10/2018 is when it all started.

The Intergalactic Squirrels™ Community was officially founded by just 4 Rocket League players. Throughout 2019, the community has grown from its humble beginnings as a European Rocket League server into a global PC gaming community. Entering the new decade, we are aiming to grow our community even further by constantly improving based on feedback from our members and our own ideas.

Where first our focus was Rocket League, many of our members now regularly play other games with each other, such as Rainbow Six: Siege, Unturned, CS:GO, Minecraft and more. Besides that, the community has started experimenting with community events not related to gaming, such as playing skribbl.io or hosting weekly IGSQ™ Movie Nights on Kast. As a cherry on top, IGSQ™ has a dedicated 24/7 Server, that is used for IGSQbot™ and can be used to run our custom Unturned, Garry’s Mod & Minecraft servers.